6 gear items an outdoor adventure photographer can't (and shouldn't) live without. Check out this gear guide!

Being an adventure photographer often sounds way sexier than it actually is. The pictures that they show the world on Instagram are incredible, but it takes a lot of hard work, struggle, and patience to make them happen. What you don’t see, is that these photographers are very likely spending hours planning, traveling to the location (often on foot), and waiting for just the right moment to capture the shot — which can mean braving all kinds of elements.

Preparing is the credo of an outdoor photographer, so here are six gear suggestions to keep you (or your loved ones) prepped and comfortable no matter the season.

Columbia Trucker Hat ($42)
A good hat is essential on the trail or on the road to keep the blazing sun out of your face. We love our Columbia hats, can’t recommend them enough!


Capture Clip from Peak Design ($50)
The Peak Design Capture Clip is one of our favorites for turning your belt or backpack into a camera strap.



The Outdoor Photography Experience: Online Photography course with Chris Burkard ($99)
The premiere course to get you prepped and ready for a life of outdoor photography, taught by the master himself.



Zeiss Lens Cloths ($24)
Forget your lens cloths on the dusty trail and you’re pretty much screwed. These are in our bags at all times!


Peak Design Rain Shell ($45)
Photographing waterfalls is one of our favorite things to do around these parts but where there’s water, there’s potential for water damage. That risk takes a nosedive with this awesome shell for your DSLR.



Lowepro DSLR Backpack ($120)
This bag is a STEAL at $120 since we’d gladly pay double or triple that thanks to its long-lasting and sturdy design.


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