The world is big, and we have to choose our travel wisely. Most people have a very limited amount of time that they can take off from work during the course of the year. Additionally, most people have to be very aware of their budget and cannot spend their whole year’s income on a single trip.

Get your behind to Norway! Here are 7 reasons why.
7 reasons why Fjord Norway should be on your travel bucket list.

Norway is expensive. Sure, the flights can be incredibly cheap, but once you arrive, the daily cost of traveling through the country is pretty significant compared to the US dollar. Knowing this may give you pause when thinking of traveling there, but as these photos of Norway will show, booking that flight will be beyond worth it. Here’s why:

1. The sense of scale will leave you breathless

Stitched Panorama of Geirangerfjord

Norway is big. I mean really big. Every time you pull your car over to the side of the road, you are stretching your neck in every direction.

As a photographer attempting to capture these dramatic scenes, it can often be a bit frustrating. How do you communicate how big this scene is in a single photo?

A photo by Alexey Topolyanskiy.

I have written before about how the best lenses for landscape photography can help create this sense of scale, and while there are a number of tricks and techniques that photographers use to give an image a sense of context for how large a scene is, anyone who has been to these dramatic locations will tell you that no photo can possibly do it justice.

2. Traveling through Norway tells a unique story

The above video really communicates the sense of adventure, openness, and excitement that is felt when exploring and photographing Norway. Even if you think you don’t have a deliberate story to tell, the photos that you will have at the end of your trip, inevitably tell a magical story of wonder.

3. The roadways are almost more incredible than the destinations

Photo of the Trollstigen Norwegian Road

This was something I did not expect during the planning of my travels to Norway. We opened up maps, and determined a route primarily based on key landmarks and known viewing locations that we felt would be worth while.

But what we learned within an hour of hitting the road, was that the roadways themselves were beyond visually stunning. Every twist, turn, and bend in the road yielded some other incredible view that had no marker or call-out on the map, but was nonetheless a magical site to behold.

If you are considering traveling to Norway, I highly recommend renting a car as your means of transportation. By bus, ship, or train, you simply won’t have the control to be able to pull over whenever you want to take a photo. And trust me, you will want to do that, a lot.

4. Norway has invested in really cool public viewing spots

Photos of Norway

Everywhere you travel in Norway, you will be surprised by the thought and care that went into providing an ideal viewing experience of natural attractions. What would be normal rest-stops, viewing areas, or simply pullouts on the side of the road in the United States for example, were well designed architectural creations all on their own.

4. You can find some real solitude if you’re looking for it

A photo by Todd Diemer.

One thing you notice right away as you take the many scenic roads throughout Norway, is the extent to which you can develop a sense of solitude if you look for it. There are countless winter and summer cabins that dot the landscape, each with its own entirely private view. Some were out at higher elevations, some right on the edge of the water of a large Fjord. Either way, there was something incredibly serene and peaceful about seeing how many people have the option to find solitude in the gorgeous Norwegian landscape.


5. I never imagined I would go numb from seeing too many gigantic waterfalls


There was a weird effect that I was able to reflect on sometime in my second week of travels, and that was I had become slightly numb to the awe of seeing our 150th or so waterfall on the side of the road. The casual saying, “oh look, another waterfall,” became a running joke throughout the trip. Any single one of these waterfalls, in the vast majority of other travel destinations, would be a major feature in every guidebook. There would be parking lots with busses and ice-cream vendors lined up to serve the thralls of people wanting to take a picture.

But in Norway… nope, just another majestic cascade of glacier water. Keep on driving.

6. The colors of the Norwegian countryside will blow your mind

Colors of Norway Photo



These colors are 100% real, but everyone who views these photos questions if they have been “Photoshopped.” The colors of the water, the sky, the mountains, the trees – all of it – they appear too vivid to be real.

7. Beyond the Fjords, even the cities are incredibly cool (like this photo of Ålesund)

Photo of Alesund, Norway

As an added treat, here is a spectacular time-lapse video of Norway that will seal the deal.

These are definitely not the only reasons to travel to and photograph Norway in all it’s serene glory, but they are enough for us. Did we miss any?

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