Is there any more enticing career opportunity than being paid to take pictures of your food? Thanks to modern iPhones, most people these days believe themselves to be adequate food photographers. However it’s one thing to take amazing Instagram photos of your meals, it’s quite another to take such delicious, mouth-watering professional food photos. How do you become the latter? By learning from the people who actually make money with food photography – by the professionals who teach these 4 online food photography and styling classes listed below.

When it comes to being a successful food photographer, there are a lot of factors to consider, including source of light, time of day, food styling, background elements, ideal camera settings, etc. It’s more challenging than it looks, and that’s not even considering all the business sides of food photography (but we’ll get to that later).

Want to take amazing food photos for your blog, portfolio, or travel writing? These 4 food photography classes are the best you'll find on the internet.

The Best Food Photography Styling Classes

Understanding what makes a great food photograph, is a tricky art. But when you nail that shot… oh wow.

Food Photography Tips and Techniques from the Pros

Even really simple foods can be made to look amazing if you know the techniques of shooting professional level photos. You know you are able to do amazing food photography, when people see your images and say, “that makes me hungry.” That is the moment, the threshold when you know you have become a good food photographer.

Delicious Food Photography Styling Classes

Tip: Use sites like Foodgawker for inspiration, both for things to cook, and for ways to take interesting pictures of your food.

Great and Amazing Food Photography Styling Courses: Tips and Techniques for Taking Great Food Photos1. Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani

In Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani, learn how to get started making money with food photography with a world-renowned commercial photographer, stylist, and NY Times columnist. This course is one of the highest rated food photography styling classes we have encountered, and after watching it, we can see why.

During this 3-day mouth-watering online workshop, Andrew will introduce students of all levels to the essential food photography tips, lighting, styling techniques, gear requirements, and various shooting styles necessary to turn your passion into your dream job. He even goes into detail the best techniques for post-processes, as well as offering a dive into the fundamental business principles to get your business started.

Professional Food Photography Tutorials

Andrew is so qualified to teach this course because of his wealth of experience in working with industry-leading magazines and cookbook publishers. He will take you step-by-step through the basics of recipe selection, food prep, and prop styling.

Whether you are a seasoned professional photographer looking to expand your skillset and open up new business, or a beginner foodie who simply wants to try and make money in the most delicious way possible, this workshop will provide you with the strategies, tips, and techniques needed to stand out, and land that food photography job. Andrew is a great teacher, and I finished walked away from this course with a hunger for getting started. Watch the free preview and see if his style is right for you.


2. Story on a Plate: Food Photography and Styling with Todd Porter & Dianne Cu

Todd Porter and Diane Cu-Porter are professional photographers and filmmakers specializing in food, travel, lifestyle and they produce content for editorial, advertising and cookbooks.

Food styling photography isn’t just about taking a delicious image; it’s a way to tell a story about tastes, seasons, and aesthetics. Learn how to artfully capture that story with your camera in this awesome course. Then learn how to pitch those stories to potential clients, and get hired.

Food Photography Styling Tips from Expert Classes

In this course, you will learn how to craft a food story through images that are unique, intimate, and meaningful. Noted food photographers Todd Porter and Diane Cu will show you how to utilize natural light whether you are shooting at the table or in a restaurant. You’ll learn simple techniques for food styling that will keep your food fresh and believable on set. Todd and Diane will also share strategies for creating a thriving food photography business through their successful blend of online marketing and community building.

Whether you want to explore a new career in food photography or are seeking to improve your existing food styling skills, this course will arm you with the technical skills and industry knowledge you need to succeed. Watch the free preview and see if their teaching style is right for you.

3. Getting Started in Professional Food Photography with Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen is a professional chef, food stylist, and food photographer. The perfect trifecta of skillsets to be able to take creative food photography to the next level. In his awesome course, “Getting Started in Professional Food Photography,” Steve takes you through:

  • How to shoot a beverage, main course, and dessert.
  • How to light and style your shots to get the most compelling images.
  • How to build out your basic studio gear to get the most out of your food styling and photography.

With the advent of social media foodie culture, food photography is everywhere. The market is saturated with top-down smartphone images of cappuccinos, barley salads, and elaborate toast. This represents a real opportunity for photographers looking to expand their businesses. Professional photographers are in a position to provide high-quality, captivating images of delicious food for clients eager for an alternative to stock photography and social media images.

Steve Hansen Food Photographer
Photo by Steve Hansen

Steve will walk you through the basics of becoming a food photographer by drawing on his own experience as a chef, certified food stylist, and photographer. You’ll learn about the equipment you’ll need; how to interact with food and prop stylists, and direct them during a shoot; how to work with digital technicians and editors; and you’ll learn Steve’s tips for marketing food photography. Watch the free preview and see if Steve’s fun teaching style is right for you.

4. Capturing Food in Motion with Steve Hansen

To really do well and set yourself apart in the industry of food photography, you have to be creative. You have to find new and interesting ways to bringing the essence of food to life in a photograph. In this course, Capturing Food in Motion, Steve Hansen shows you a really fun way to do just that. To bring foods to life in pixels and on paper, Steve Hansen liberates them from the stationary plate. He captures them in motion, crashing and splashing into each other.

What does this end result look like?

Photo by Steve Hansen

Join veteran photographer Steve Hansen for this course, and you’ll learn:

  • How to capture your food in action by using the right flashes and strobes.
  • Which lenses and settings to use to capture your food and liquids in vivid motion.
  • The basics of post-processing for images of frozen motion, and how to enhance the image you take in-camera.

It will be fun and messy – the audience will be wearing slickers to protect their clothes from flying food and liquid. In addition to learning about the technical requirements for capturing food in motion, you’ll learn how to sell your images to editors, websites and magazines. Develop the confidence to bring more advanced techniques into your food photography practice, and make your photos stand out in the crowd. Watch the free preview of this course and see if this fun and interesting subject matter appeals to you.

Final Thoughts

photo-1455853739633-8c94c03d8121Four different food photography classes, three different instructor styles, one online education company. We were deliberate in our featuring of only CreativeLive classes, and that is because of the high caliber of the instructors, and the production of the educational video content. The three instructors (four if you can’t both Todd and Dianne), all have different styles and ways to communicating the information, and while these classes are all different, we recommend starting with the course in which the instructor style speaks to you the most. So watch the free previews and decide for yourself, but in our opinion, any of these classes would be a good start towards a career in professional food photography.

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