“The world is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark.” — John Muir

I’m sure you’ve heard that working on a cruise ship is a solid “travel job” and a great way to make money while traveling the world. In fact, we may have suggested it ourselves. And while you can save an — ahem — boatload of cash working on a cruise ship, it doesn’t exactly allow you to get out and explore as much as you’d want to. And ports-of-call? They’re usually pretty packed with tourists and overpriced goods.

The best 11 travel jobs you will find, outside of starting your own business and working from anywhere!
You gotta dig a little deeper and go a little farther inland to get a real taste of a new place, and that requires more time. More freedom from the anchor, if you will.

So if your #lifegoals include exploring the world, meeting new people, and living the life of an adventurer, I have good news: you don’t have to be a slave to the cubical and wait until you’ve built up two weeks’ vacation in order to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

There are unique travel jobs in the world that don’t include a cruise line and that pay well enough for you to make your trek around the globe a way of life instead of a temporary holiday.

The best 11 travel jobs you will find, outside of starting your own business and working from anywhere!

Check out this list of 11 jobs and tell us which job you’d like to have (or add your own ideas) in the comments below!

Au Pair
An au pair is a fancy word for a foreign nanny that may also do light housework in exchange for room and board, and while cleaning someone’s place and caring for their kids may seem like a lot of work, the trade offs are likely worth it. For one, families that can afford a nanny while traveling will likely also have excellent taste in food, transportation, and accommodations. In order to land this kind of gig, you’ll want to be up to date on CPR and child safety laws in the country you’re currently living in.

Roadie or Tour Manager
There are worse things in life than being a roadie that travels the world and sets up sound or musical equipment. While you won’t get a ton of time in each city, you will get to see the “real” parts of the cities and countries you visit. Along with the local people and food flavors.

Tour Guide
You don’t have to stay in your hometown to be a tour guide — if you have an obsession with a foreign place, go there, learn everything you can about it, then become a tour guide and pass your passion onto others.

The best 11 travel jobs you will find, outside of starting your own business and working from anywhere!

One of my longtime friends took a job as a translator for a company in Beijing, was paid handsomely, and was able to travel around Asia as she always wanted to do. While you don’t have to follow her footsteps in getting a full-time job in a foreign country (trading one 40-hour week for another may not be your bag), but you can find lots of temporary ESL or translation gigs through reputable agencies with a simple internet search.

Virtual Assistant
Got a history in office management or personal assisting? Set up shop as a virtual assistant and literally work from anywhere. Most VA’s do project management, dictation, billing, community management, and manage vendors for clients around the globe. Not a bad gig when you can do it from a beach in Thailand.

Surf, ski, or Diving Instructor
Follow the waves (or snow) by becoming a ski, surf, or diving instructor. For any of these professions, you’ll need to be certified, but being able to teach people to do what you love most is the ultimate job, especially when you can chase the seasons around the globe with temporary work.

Consultants exist to solve problems, but guess what: they can solve those from anywhere in the world. Thanks to technology and readily available WiFi connections, consulting via a Skype session and collaborating with clients on projects is easier than ever. Building your client base will take some hustle, but get a good reputation and some referrals and you’ll be on your way.

The best 11 travel jobs you will find, outside of starting your own business and working from anywhere!

International School Teacher
An ESL teacher may be on everyone’s list of make-money-anywhere jobs, but international schools might be overlooked. International schools are set up in countries to teach the children of ex-pats, and can be a sweet gig for you if you want to stay in a foreign country for longer than a few months.

Travel Nurse
Becoming a travel nurse can be a lucrative career, especially when some sign-on bonuses can top off at $6,000.

Massage Therapist
Have table, will travel. As a massage therapist myself, I can tell you that in-room massage therapy at hotels can render you higher rates than in hotel spas and cruise ships. The challenge there is setting up relationships with various hotels and having a qualified certification. Most international requirements are 500 hours of education and practice, so do your research ahead of time to find out if you can practice in the country you’re staying in.

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