There aren’t many things better than a meal cooked over a campfire. But campfire cooking doesn’t have to mean you throw all sense of quality out the window. Baked beans from a can? Nah. These campfire food photos prove that you don’t have to rough it when it comes to your meals — or your food photography — in the wilderness.

These campfire food photos will leave you hungry AND wanting to level up your Instagram food photography.

Catching the light at just the right angle to make me even hungrier.

A photo posted by mKitchenWorld (@mkitchenworld) on

A campfire and a nice view can even make coffee taste better.

A photo posted by CookOutBound (@cookoutbound) on

Cheese, tortilla, flame, done.

A photo posted by CookOutBound (@cookoutbound) on

It really doesn’t get any better than fried chicken over a campfire, does it?

Impressive tools.

Simple, but effective.

A photo posted by Shay Stelzer (@shayx0) on

If this one pot meal is roughing it, then count me in.

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Only the most discerning campfire chef brings his own parm grater.

A photo posted by Melissa (@hangrytravels) on

Pretty much all the things I love in life in one single shot.

Cheese, bread, butter: the easiest meal plan, ever.

A photo posted by mKitchenWorld (@mkitchenworld) on

Couldn’t let you leave without a s’more shot!

Let’s be honest: taking great food photos requires a different set of skills than it takes to capture awesome landscapes. So if you’re looking to level up your food photography game, check out this CreativeLive course, Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani, which will walk you through the basic principals of food photography, lighting for different situations, even cooking and styling.

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