For some (or most?) of us, pitching a tent on a ridge overlooking a mountain lake is the only way to sleep. But for others, there’s glamping. I know, I cringe at that word too, but here’s the thing: Autocamp, which has you camping in an Airstream is making me totally OK with it right now.

Here's the best place to camp in an airstream in California, hands down.


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Glamping for the outdoor-enthusiast-meets-wine-loving-modern-adventure-seeker (who likes to shower on the daily), Autocamp has set up shop in both the Russian River valley and Santa Barbara and offers the best of Airstream living without all the towing and hitching fees.


According to their Instagram hashtag, they make #AdventureSimplified with their collection of authentic Airstreams perched in natural wooded enclaves within biking (or Ubering) distance from wineries, cute shops, quaint downtown areas, and nature – whether it’s the Russian River in Northern California or the coast if you choose the Santa Barbara location.

To be honest, I’d be totally down to hang for a weekend, especially since their “clubhouse” looks decked out with a full bar of my favorite “W’s”: wine and whiskey.


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If you need less of a roof over your head to consider it camping, good news for you: they also have canvas tents fully fitted with Casper beds. Your usual bedroll never seemed so inadequate.

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Personally, I’d choose the Russian River location, not just because it’s a 40 minute drive from where I grew up, but because the Russian River Valley offers some seriously awesome outdoor activities and is close to everything. For example:

  • It’s 90 minutes North of San Francisco, which means you can hike the Marin Headlands and Mt. Tam for a day trip.
  • It’s close to the stunning Sonoma coastline (one of the best for photography in my opinion) where you can shuck oysters, take in the incredible views, and hike the Sonoma Coast State Park.
  • The Russian River itself is great for kyaking and floating if you prefer a little more relaxation with your glamping.
  • Biking to a plethora of different Sonoma valley wineries is totally acceptable.
  • It’s a short drive away from the Redwood National Forest, which is chock-full of hiking, biking, river rafting, and other outdoors-y things to do.


Been there? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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