Canada's National Park Service is offering up some pretty sweet new campsites in a few of the parks this year. Check them out (and add Canada to your must-visit list!).

If there was ever a time to head to Canada for camping, now might be the time. The Canadian National Park Service announced a lineup of campsites and sleeping accommodations that are so cool, I’m fairly certain their strategy was to give campers a case of FOMO in order to lure more people to the parks.

New sleeping quarters include a double tent, a micro cube, cocoon tree bed, tiny homes (on wheels, baby), and a Goutte d’Ô, which looks like a water droplet and features a hammock on the second level.

While Banff isn’t on the list of locations where you can test these digs out, it does give you an opportunity to explore other stunning Canadian national parks like Fundy, Riding Mountain, Forillon, Breton Highlands, and Waterton Lakes.

Check out the full lineup and prices here.

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