Want to make more money as a photographer without spending hours trying to get traffic to your site everyday? This is a story about how I started selling my prints at a gallery doing ZERO outreach — the gallery found me using Google!

Depending on what kind of photography you do, you likely have different ultimate goals for your work. For many of us, it’s getting big named brands as clients. For others, maybe it’s being paid to fly to Bali to photograph a destination wedding. For many however, getting included as part of a fine art photography gallery is the holy grail of photography aspirations.

Strangers willing to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of your artwork is the ultimate validation of your skill and talent.

When you are able to get your work found online (by using SEO for example), you will inevitably start getting some print sales here and there. Similarly, you can present your work at art fairs, coffee shops, and a myriad of different venues that can entice someone to purchase a print from you.

However, having a physical or online gallery represent your finest work, and actively seek to promote it to potential buyers, can mean a huge leap in how many prints you sell (and subsequently how much money you make).

Which is why I was so excited when I received an email from a new kind of fine art photography gallery owner based out of New York City.

He was starting a new project, something that has never been done before, and after coming across my website, he asked me to be a part of it. To which I responded with a resounding, “hell yes!”

installationPrintThumb (1)

The project that he was starting, was centered around the idea of selling the highest resolution fine art photos ever created. At an average of 100 times the resolution, clarity, and sharpness of a typical fine art photo, these images can be printed in insanely large format, making them statement pieces for businesses, hotels, homes, etc.

To create images of this caliber, requires a very specialized and difficult photographic process that focuses on technical and artistic perfection throughout every part of the scene. It involves stitching together between 20-100 individual images, to create one single GIANT photograph that can be printed at billboard sizes with zero loss in quality or sharpness.

A visual representation of the process of stitching many different images together to create one massive image file.

Needless to say, these types of high-end prints are expensive. This means that by getting my photography included in this gallery, opened up a huge opportunity to make money with my photos in a way that I wasn’t necessarily anticipating.

This was huge for me and my business.

But how did he find me, my website, and my photography?

Being based in NYC, the gallery owner knew that he also needed a solid collection of photographs from the West Coast, and in particular San Francisco. So, he did what most of us would do in that situation: he performed a very basic Google search, and in doing so, he found me.

He found me through Google, which means that he found my website because it had strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO for photographers isn’t just about getting clients. Because the more people who come across your website and your work, the more chances that someone (like a gallery owner) will see it, increases dramatically.

What was the keyword that brought him to me?

“San francisco landscape photographer”

When I set out to create this page that ranks for that keyword, my goal was to attract customers looking for print sales, as well as simply to establish myself and increase my exposure as a San Francisco landscape photographer. I would have no idea that it would lead to me being contacted by a fine art gallery, looking for photographers to partner with. 


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.05.56 AMBut that’s just the point, you never know who is going to find your website, but when you use Search Engine Optimization, you greatly increase the chances of the RIGHT people finding your work. You never know who will be coming across your website and your work, and you have no way of knowing what kind of incredible opportunities will present themselves… until they do!

Some photographers underestimate the power of a strong website that ranks well in search engines like Google. They think SEO is either not worth it, or they just simply don’t know how.

But the truth is, as a photographer, Search Engine Optimization can make the difference between photography as a hobby, and photography as a self-sustaining, thriving photography business.

And now I’m making thousands of dollars a month for my work, and all I have to do is supply him with my top tier fine art landscape photos.

All because I had developed a strong SEO strategy for my website. All the hard work I had put in was paying off.